• PSY 512 Developmental Theory Seminar

    Designed for Graduate Students

    In this class we review graduate student developmental theory. In my version of this course, I take an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the role in children's development. This course would be a best fit for students applying to developmental grad programs and students who are interested in cultural research.

  • PSY 321/L Research methods in Psychology

    Prerequisites: PSY 320/L; Completion of lower division writing requirement. Corequisite: PSY 321L.

    Study of principles and techniques used to design and evaluate psychological research using simple and advanced research designs. Lab: Includes use of various research methods in psychology research projects. 3 hours lecture-discussion, 3 hours lab per week.

  • PSY 475CC/S Advanced Inquiry in Cultural Psychology

    Prerequisites: PSY 301, PSY 320/L, PSY 321/L; Any course from required Developmental Cluster (PSY 313, PSY 327, PSY 335, PSY 361 or PSY 365); Score of 8 or better on the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam. Corequisite: Corresponding PSY 475AA-ZZ Seminar.

    In this course you will have the opportunity to review theory and research on the cultural basis of human development. The research we will read in this class is interdisciplinary and draws from the fields of psychology, anthropology, education, and sociology. You will read original journal articles that analyze aspects of cultural variation in development across the human lifespan and popular readings that connect the class topics to current events. I will guide you in incorporating the concepts from the course to develop your own research study. In addition to feedback from me, you will give each other feedback on your research projects on a weekly basis.